Transformative Question

We encounter shifts in our lives that assure we transform and are transformed. They might appear as deaths, of family, friends or others, and/or deaths within ourselves of ideas, tightly held beliefs, or some part of the self. There is often pain involved, and/or a vision that stops you because it contradicts, enlarges or goes beyond everything you know to this point.

As a country, we are collectively going through such a shift. In the seat of leadership is an overgrown, unruly, selfish child. He does not have the skills of rulership, but he’s had a television show and is a rich man who will do anything for attention. This is the face of the American dream, a nightmare in which our children’s greatest wish is to be rich and famous. The dream’s fallacy is now in the open. To see the outcome so clearly is alarming and shocking.

This may have contributed to my current state of mind and knowing. It may not have, yet, the fortunes (so to speak) of this country will be forever changed. I have been caught up in the chatter and static of churning facts, alternative stories, and chicanery on social media and the Internet that began to burn fierce during the elections. I am being forced by my inner spirit to let it go and reconsider modes of communication, how I communicate, what I communicate, and what I believe about communication. You can substitute the word “energy” for “communicate/communication”, or the word “believe”–and then run it all up against the doorway of death. That doorway could be a bird at my shoulder, or a ladder made of clouds.

No, I am not leaving this realm yet, or at least, that’s not the plan as I know it. There’s been an inward shift that I am still investigating. I cannot explain it logically. What I find will go into my new music (I am working on an album) and my new memoir.