Change rides in on many speeds. Lightning speed and we change worlds of perception overnight. We can suddenly lose everything, or gain what we have always hoped and dreamed. Some changes take centuries to reveal themselves. Islands of trash plastic float in the seas where trash has been dumped for centuries. We will experience more powerful storms and more widespread earthquakes from years of cumulative large and small transgressions of disrespect. Death is a most obvious change, as is birth. The wisest teachers remind us to not get too hung up on judging any shift. We keep our hearts open no matter what happens, and act with integrity, even when we are in the most chaotic of shifts, as we are now here in this country, here on our beloved planet Earth, which is us. Some rides are sweet and exhilarating. Some are rough and challenge us to keep heart. Right now we are in the midst of cross waves of change, what we used to call when paddling out in the ocean in our outriggers “washing machine”. To move through you align your sight with a place on the horizon and keep moving. The ocean teaches that conditions are always changing.

We are celebrating a birth in our family, a beautiful newborn boy. You have to be brave to come here, and he had quite a journey and arrived a month early. But he’s here and we welcome him. He is the direct result of the dreams of his parents, their parents, and even an earth dreaming.

We need to remember to give blessing to those who take on this journey with us. There is that newborn traveler in each of us and we still carry the words that born us. We each brought something from the spiritual realms to give back. We are each an unfolding story. Say kind words to the newborn and their parents. They need the nourishment of kind words as they will make the path lighter. Do what you can to help. A newborn is tender and feels everything at many many times the intensity as we older, more shielded humans do. For an infant, everyday, even every moment is a transformative change. Whatever you say, especially in the family field, matters, and will make a difference in the life of everyone.

Keep your eyes on the horizon of kindness no matter the transformative waves of change.