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March 20, 2020, From the Catbird Seat: Poetry and Literature at the Library of Congress
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March 17, 2020, ALTA
Joy Harjo reimagines a national narrative in An American Sunrise.

I take an abid­ing plea­sure in know­ing that Joy Har­jo is the poet lau­re­ate of the Unit­ed States. After all, Har­jo — a mem­ber of the Musco­gee (Creek) Nation and the first Native Amer­i­can to be so hon­ored — speaks for an Amer­i­ca I…

February 23, 2020,
Elizabeth Cook-Lynn on Reading Joy Harjo

Eliz­a­beth Cook-Lynn on Read­ing Joy Harjo

February 03, 2020, Indian Country Today
Joy Harjo: "Words were materials . . ."

As the first Native Amer­i­can U.S. Poet Lau­re­ate, Har­jo has been out­spo­ken about injus­tices done to Natives in the U.S.” Read more about Joy Har­jo and her poet­ry, report­ing from the Palm Beach Poet­ry Festival.

January 18, 2020, The Washington Post
'Everyone wants a place where they feel safe' says Joy Harjo, the first Native American U.S. poet laureate

When you’re asked to be poet lau­re­ate, is that some­thing you say yes to imme­di­ate­ly, or do you think about what it entails?

I said yes. [Laughs.] It’s like light­ning going through you. I real­ized in that moment that I…

January 16, 2020, World Literature Today
Joy Harjo's "Remember" translated into Arabic - World Literature Today

Ibti­sam Barakat, Pales­tin­ian Amer­i­can poet, artist, and trans­la­tor, offers an Ara­bic trans­la­tion of Remem­ber” for World Lit­er­a­ture Today.

January 12, 2020, New Mexico in Focus - NMPBS
Joy Harjo on New Mexico in Focus

This week on New Mex­i­co in Focus, we cel­e­brate Joy Har­jo, a ground­break­ing poet and New Mex­i­co trea­sure. Cor­re­spon­dent Megan Kam­er­ick caught up with Har­jo at a poet­ry read­ing in San­ta Fe to talk about why she sees the poet…

January 12, 2020, Albuquerque Journal
Art as Service: U.S. Poet Laureate Joy Harjo’s work has its mystical qualities and yet belongs to everyone

Joy Har­jo, the U.S. poet lau­re­ate, was born and raised in Okla­homa, but New Mex­i­co has been her sec­ond home. She thinks of her­self as a dual cit­i­zen” of the two states.

December 11, 2019, The New York Times Opinion - Dec 7, 2019
Joy Harjo on Beauty - The New York Times

Why is Beau­ty Impor­tant to Us”? Joy Har­jo responds with a new poem, The Life of Beauty.”

December 10, 2019, Tulsa World
Tulsans of the Year: Poetry found Joy Harjo, the First Native American U.S. Poet Laureate

Joy Har­jo, named a Tul­san of the Year,” is inter­viewed by James D. Watts, Jr. of Tul­sa World.