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September 26, 2022, Rematriation
Rematriation Podcast with Joy Harjo

Last year Rematriation had the honor to sit down with Joy to discuss her position as 23rd United States Poet Laureate. She shares her feelings on being an inductee to the National Women’s Hall of Fame...

September 22, 2022, Voices of Oklahoma
Voices of Oklahoma - Joy Harjo
Inspired by the creative women in her life, Joy became a writer, musician, activist, and the first Native American U.S. Poet Laureate. Listen to the full interview.
August 31, 2022, High Country News
May 01, 2022, 5 Plain Questions Podcast - Plains Art Museum
February 21, 2022, People Magazine
Poet Joy Harjo Says For 'Indigenous Cultures', the Land 'Is the Keeper of Our Bones, Stories, and Songs'

Joy Harjo reflects on loss and the things she continues to hold dear — memories of her late mother, Navajo horse songs — when describing her journey as a poet and champion of justice in her new memoir Poet Warrior. Read more

October 11, 2021, NPR - All Things Considered
Joy Harjo on inspiration behind memoir 'Poet Warrior' NPR

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with U.S. Poet Laureate Joy Harjo about her poetic memoir.

September 07, 2021, Fresh Air with Terry Gross - NPR
April 22, 2021, Treble
March 05, 2021, WNYC w/ Brian Lehrer
America Are We Ready for the First 100 Days?

Join the national conversation with host Brian Lehrer as the Biden/Harris administration starts its work.

President Biden’s nomination of Rep. Deb Haaland (D, NM) to be Secretary of the Interior would put a Native American (Laguna Pueblo) in...

February 14, 2021, Michael Limnios Blues Network
Q&A with internationally renowned performer and writer Joy Harjo

"Know yourself. Yes. It's the same thing. Be yourself, knowing yourself, ultimately. And then what is that? What does that mean? You know that, and you think it is simple. Well, it is not that simple, but it's the most...