One of Those Rainy, Dark, Winter Days

Winter Dusk-Winter Dusk

It’s five p.m.. My eyes are blurry from the computer screen. I’ve been revising my musical-to-be, cataloguing a song list, considering a drastic, mythical net in the rewrite, and contemplating police brutality. Like many other natives I’ve been witness to massive injustice when it comes to natives and the police. Was harassed in Albuquerque by a policeman who stopped natives just because he hated natives. And recently my step-granddaughter was fleeing her children’s father as a policeman watched. He saw the children’s father try to run her over with his car. When she ran to the policeman, he laughed, said, “boys will be boys” (literally) and let him go. She even had a court order because of domestic violence. She’s native and black. The ex is white. This is the legacy of an America that stole a country by violence. There is also an America of diverse vitality. How do we grow one and not the other?