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August 06, 2019, NPR
In 'An American Sunrise,' Joy Harjo Speaks With A Timeless Compassion

"Her poems are accessible and easy to read, but making them no less penetrating and powerful, spoken from a deep and timeless source of compassion for all — but also from a very specific and justified well of anger."

August 05, 2019, ELLE
Joy Harjo Shares a Poem From Her New Collection

Joy shares “Advice for Countries, Advanced, Developing and Falling" with an introduction.

July 25, 2019, BBC
An American Sunrise included in Ten books to read this August

Harjo, newly named US Poet Laureate, begins her radiant new collection with poems about the 1830 Trail of Tears. Led by Monahwee, her grandfather of six generations back, her Muscogee Creek Nation forebears were “driven away like livestock at gunpoint”...