Eagle Song

A Music Video featuring Joy Harjo performing her poem, 
“Eagle Poem.”
Funded by Native American Public Telecommunications, a native media organization that, among other things, funds the production of programming by and about Native Americans for national PBS, this short film is a music video featuring Mvskoke/Creek musician and poet Joy Harjo. Archival footage is mixed with contemporary scenes to create a context for themes that speak to the continuity of Muscogean tradition through the generations. The video opens with a Creek prayer which leads into Joy Harjo’s performance of her poem, “Eagle Poem” and ends with her sax solo.

Directed and produced by Native Hawaiian filmmaker Lurline Wailana McGregor in collaboration with Joy Harjo, Eagle Song was nominated for an award at the prestigious Native American Indian Film and Video Festival in San Francisco in 2002 and has been screened in many film festivals nationally and internationally. Lurline McGregor has produced many award winning videos, primarily about her own Native Hawaiian community. Joy Harjo, best known for her poetry and music, co-wrote the script for the signature film, 
A Thousand Roads opened Spring 2005 at the National Museum to the American Indian on the Washington, D.C. mall.
Director/Producer: Lurline McGregor
Co-Producer/Writer/Composer: Joy Harjo